NEW SCREENSHOTS! - LunarLux Devlog #1

Hi Friends! 

We've decided to start posting monthly devlogs showcasing the major highlights and updates we've made to LunarLux! We've been working really hard on ironing out our story and organizing the scope for the project so that we can fulfill our vision for the game!

If you're wondering what I've been up to...well, I went into the hyperbolic time-chamber (DBZ fans i c u), and trained rigorously taught myself how to use Game Maker Studio 2 !!! (The same engine UNDERTALE was made in ! Gahhhh Toby Fox is such an inspiring developer, what a legend) Anyways, ever since the RPG Maker demo of LunarLux was released, I've gained some very valuable experience and feedback thanks to all of you! Your encouragement and hype has further fueled the fire of my determination to make LunarLux an amazing game! (Wow that was corny) And thus...for those who may not know, LunarLux Chapter 1 is now officially being made on the GMS2 Engine! It was no easy task transitioning from RPG Maker to Game Maker Studio; as the learning curve seemed quite daunting for the team at first (mostly for me haha)...BUT...WE DID IT, WE MADE IT, and development of the updated Chapter 1 demo is steadily on course to completion! (No confirmed release date yet though)

Now then, the transition to GMS2 introduced a huge wave of Quality of Life improvements, graphical updates, and Battle Mechanic improvements for LunarLux (THE GAME IS EVEN MORE GORGEOUS AHHH IM SO PROUD OF THE ART AND VISUALS).

Here's some of the cool stuff we'd like to show off for this devlog:

TA-DA! Here's the CRUNCHY new titlescreen! OH, forgot to mention that the game is now in 16:9 aspect ratio! Heh

Updated Regolithia map, updated backgrounds, textboxes, High Quality Character portraits, and new sprites! (The Regolithia landscape that you can walk on is actually hand drawn by me, (It took several iterations grr..) and was an artistic choice that I really really wanted to incorporate!

Updated Menu UI! Aside from graphical changes, you can now clearly see your Bytes, Astrotech, Skill Points (NEW addition, see below) & Max number of shields!


At the end of every battle, you will obtain skill points depending on your Battle Rank. You can spend these points to level up your support skills in order to do more damage or add special effects! Additionally, for balancing purposes there are now 2 categories of Support Skills: RED SUPPORT SKILLS & BLUE SUPPORT SKILLS. You can have as many BLUE support skills equipped as you'd like, but you can only have a maximum of 3 RED Support Skills equipped. (Tetra Burst has been buffed mwahaha, gotta make sure her Support Skill lives up to the title of Ultimate Sidekick). We have more changes related to the Battle System but we'll save that for the Battle System Devlog ;)

We also implemented an options menu!  (finally) . You can adjust the music volume, sfx and voice volumes, and check your controller inputs. AND SPEAKING OF CONTROLLER INPUTS.....! YOU CAN FINALLY USE A CONTROLLER WITHOUT ANY PRIOR SET UP! (FYI i use an Xbox Controller) It seems like this should be a given in 2021 yeah, but for me, going from RPGMaker 2003 to GMS2 was a huge leap so small QOL stuff like this was such a breath of fresh air for me. Most of the issues players experienced on streams or while playing will hopefully be addressed in the updated demo!

What else...OH! I will also be able to release a MAC and Linux Downloads for the PC Version when the updated demo drops! I also have plans to release LunarLux on Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PS4/5 but those will have to wait until after the Kickstarter...

OHH ALSO!!!! I AM planning on doing a Kickstarter when I release the updated demo! I really need all the support I can get T.T, I'd love to be able to work on LunarLux full time so I can devote all my energy to it but at the moment, my time to work on the game is limited! We'll see what the future holds but until then, I'm forever grateful for all the support you've given thus far! 

Hey, If you read this far into the devlog without getting bored...I SAVED THE BEST UPDATE FOR LAST MWAHAHA. If you're a Tetra fan you're gonna love this even more! 

Tetra now follows you in the overworld! 

*Drops Mic*

You can even have fun interactions with her and she can even remind you of your current objective if you forget where to go!

*Drops 2nd Mic*

See ya in the next Devlog!

~ Nobab


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Wah, it looks very nice


Yay devlog! The new improvements look amazing and I can't wait for more Bella and Tetra interactions, they have a great dynamic as a duo!

Good luck with development!

Thank you!!! :D

Long live Tetra!



Heheh XD