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Did you take the download off? 😭

I did, there has been some major updates, you can read about it here! :D

Got it - thanks! Would love to coordinate with showcasing this among myself and my Indie Game Collective community/initiative. 

Looks really cool!!

waiting for the relaunch of game!


Is there even a way to S-rank the current BBEG?(the winged murk)

Hi! Yes, all of Chrono's attacks are blockable/dodge-able. Even that giant laser beam! There's actually a delay once he moves in front of Bella after charging the laser beam. you have to wait for the "!" to pop up for your shield to work. Btw, a lot of the Murk attacks are being updated to have better cues so that gameplay experience is improved! please look forward to future updates ;) All murks will be S-rankable no matter what



I'm not usually into RPGs but this is great! I love the music and the combat system, although, like most people in the comments have said, i do think the character portraits need some work. I'm excited for the full release!

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Pretty sick game. I dig the music and the combat system. I do think the character portraits when they're talking could use some work. Maybe going Shantae style and having the portraits being a high quality artstyle in contrast to the pixel art. (maybe use the style on the banner for the game) or even the pixel art of the MC when you hit X could suffice. 

The character icons when they talk could be better but overall the games great! I would pay for a full game of this.


I played the game for only 11 minutes, but it still tastes in my mouth. It has been a very successful art work.

Love the battle system!

Hello, there; I really enjoyed the demo!  I noticed that some of the music doesn't loop properly; there's a skip at the end of the track.  This is usually caused by a split second of empty space at the end.  If you'd like, I can gladly fix them up for you; I've done this with a few other projects before.


Nice game, i'am a fan of pixel art games

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This was super fun! The combat had a lot of interesting things going on, the characters are fun, and the music is great. The combat system reminded me a bit of Paper Mario, which is fantastic. I was much more interested in the world than I thought I'd be. Props to the developers!

Thanks so much for playing! :)

hey creator can u make that game play able and down

load it i really like the picture and im exited to play it

Wow, este demo es sensacional. Me agradó mucho jugarlo, y a pesar de que me quedé algo estancada en ciertas partes, fue muy gratificante resolverlas. La historia me atrapó, y es sin duda un mundo muy intrigante. 

¿Cuándo sale la versión completa?


Wow awesome.  It called my attention.  I want to play it

Where is the Linux version?

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Thank you! :) The promo Artwork was drawn by @Penporo! and the In-Game art was made by me XD

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I'm not a big fan of futuristic settings, but I was convinced to try this by how cute Bella is and by the really cool pixel art aesthetic.

I regret nothing.

Even as someone who dislikes just reading for long periods of times, I found myself entranced, even by the BBS that I found.  This game has a lot of charm and character. That's exactly what I need in a game. And the combat system is Turn Based DONE RIGHT.  Similar feelings to how I feel about Persona 5's battle system so far. : ) 

(oh and that OST is a fucking banger and I'll probably buy it soon)

Long story short. This game looks PROMISING. Good luck with continued development. I'll be keeping up with you : )  


Yoo, just watched your video, thank you so much for playing! I'm really happy you enjoyed the experience!!!!  :)


Thank you for watching : )
I got part 2 out today as well which rounds off the demo.


I wasn't sure about this one at first, but I quickly became entrenched in the demo. The combat system is innovative and actually FUN, plus the chance to customize with supports (but also just with your stack choices). I found the dodge/shield against enemy attacks to be both fun and challenging. The story is well written (understandable english!) , the characters are likeable. and the setting is imaginative. Definitely a game to  check out ;)


The robot, Tetra is so adorable!! 🤗 Here's part 1 of my let's play:


Tetra: Pew Pew! Can't wait for Part 2! Hehe

Bellaaaaaaaaaaa check out this video!


I finished playing it today. Here's the last two parts!!

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I just tried this out.  So far it feels very much like Mega Man Battle Network as a more... I hesitate to say typical sci-fi JRPG but that's the closest I can describe it as.  Everything so far is well done.  I had a laugh at some of the things in the BBS, I was swiftly hooked by the first encounter, and the music and graphics are very nice.  I was (eventually) able to find all the items for the item quest but the puzzles and everything so far are very good.  The swifter movement with the jet flight helped.  My only problem is that there's no way to grind a bit in the shadow dimension before the boss.  Definitely looking forward to the full release though.  Good luck with development!

Edit: I didn't know of the hidden mob spawn area but through determination and spite I almost managed to kill the boss anyway.


Is this demo chapter 1 on steam ? ^^ ♡


Yup! Chapter 1 is on Steam!

Heres the link:


I have two questions about this game.

#1: How many Actrotech can be found in-game in total?

#2: What is the name of  the track that plays during normal battles?


1) Currently max astrotech is around 250, you can farm astrotech in the secret cavern found in Regolithia (Map 1) by fighting Murks in the Cavern and getting S-Ranks!

2) The Battle Theme is called Astral Duel! There has been increasing requests for me to release the soundtrack, so i’ll be doing that very soon! :)

Thanks for playing! :)


Hey Nobab, 

You gave me more questions.

#3: Which map is Regolithia, and inside Regolithia:

#4: Where is that cavern, and:

#5: How can I trigger Murk battles int the cavern?


a fan of your game.



Alrighty here's some screenshots for you ;) 

The secret cavern can be found behind this rock! you can enter that cavern aaaaand,

This spot in the cavern is where Murks can be encountered. After you win the battle, leave the cavern and come back and the encounter can be reset. (3 different Murks can be fought here, entirely randomized)

Hope this helps! I love your questions <3

Thanks a lot!

Do I get S rank if I don't get hit?

Correct, your rank is determined by how many times you get hit. If you dont get hit, you’ll get an S rank :)

Pues bastante interesante lo que estan planteando con esta demo. El sistema de combate me ha gustado mucho, pero como una base a pulir. Me gusta que te obliguen a moverte durante los combates y el sistema de escudos me parece adecuado, pero quizás retocaría un poco el timing de estos; pienso que el sistema de stack es interesante, pero se siente algo roto dado que no hay ninguna limitación para el uso de estos, lo mismo me pasa con las habilidades pasivas que se pueden acoplar a los ataques, quizás las podrían limitar un poco para que se sientan algo mas estratégicas. Por lo demás muy bien, siento que podría ser un buen videojuego 

Thank you for playing :)


omg I love this game already! aaaaaaaa

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The people of Regolithia need your help, Become a Lunex Warrior TODAY!

This game really builds up Bella as a character. The loss of her Mother is the thing that gives her hope that one day everything will be peaceful and there will be no fighting (It makes for an AMAZING story)

[new song for people that don't know]

"Just keep stacking, Just keep stacking, what do we do? WE STACK!"


This game is awesome! I haven't gotten that far yet, though. I found a floating space-cat and he gave me 10,000 Bytes! No kidding! Also, I am having trouble finding the last Lunar panel; could anyone tell me where it is? Thanks!!

Ayye thanks so much for playing! Glad you're enjoying it :) You know what, I'll create a visual guide for players (if they get stuck) showing exactly where all the items can be found for the Lunar Panel Quest! I'll be posting a DevLog soon on itch so stay tuned!

Here's the Quest Guide! I feel like the first image is the Lunar Panel you're looking for ;)

Thank you so much!! I will check it out! :D

Oh I also found a glitch in the secret cavern. When you exit and then enter again, all the bytes you previously collected are still there. I don't know if it's supposed to do that...? Just thought I would say something about it.

The respawning & randomizing of the  Bytes in the cavern was intentional, but I'm planning on removing that once the full game rolls around. I wanted players to have a way to get Bytes if they were very low on it. Lucky for you, you found Echo the Space Cat! There's only a 25% chance of encountering Echo so you're loaded with Bytes hahaha.

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Hee hee! Okay, thanks! Glad I found him.


Well done! This game made me feel nostalgic as if I could be playing this on a GBA! I love the music and the combat. Feels like I was playing the Mario RPG series in a sci fi setting! 

Thanks for playing! :)


The demo was great. Chapter 1 really showcased the game design and mechanics well, with enough plot to intrigue and keep curiosity and interest up~
My only critique is that during battle, specifically the defending phase, the timing on some things felt off. Mainly the shield and the boss attack when you are able to move left/right across three pads often didn't move when I inputted movement commands.


I absolutely adored the demo! I've been messing around with the trial of RPG Maker MV (and had already been looking at buying RPG Maker 2003 once my trial is over) and this game absolutely convinced me that I need to get RPG Maker 2003. Seeing what devs can do with the engine with enough dedication is just astounding (although I do realize I will have a steep learning curve ahead of me if I ever want to achieve anything this good).

Loved it, and I only have two very minor criticisms:

1. During the fight where you need to dodge the enemy's projectiles, it might be good if the game automatically set you to the middle tile at the beginning of the phase. The first time I played the fight the boss got a few hits in because I started on the left and thought that was the best place to be and because I simply couldn't move two tiles quickly enough to dodge the projectiles.

2. I can't, for the life of me, figure out how to get back to the good fighting bit after the end of the demo!? I may just be dumb and have missed something obvious, but I've tried using the orb thingy pretty much everywhere, so please, someone give me a clue.

Beyond that, an absolutely wonderful experience and I am really looking forward to the final version. <3

Heyy, thanks so much for playing! Your feedback is greatly appreciated :) enter the secret cavern (entrance can be found in map 1) with a jet suit and in the cavern, fly to the top right corner of the map, there should be some ancient markings on the wall that the orb will automatically react to ;) have fun!


As a Steam gamer, it's quality games like this that make me wonder exactly how many incredible games I'm missing out on on itch. I noticed you are releasing it for Steam as well, but I probably never would have found it there if I didn't see it here first. This game looks amazing, and I'm downloading the demo now. Good luck!

hi, can I play this with an Xbox controller?

LunarLux is made in RPG Maker 2003 engine which unfortunately doesn't have controller support. There is a way though! I was able to play with my PS4 or Xbox Controller through a separate software (DS4Windows) where u can map the keyboard keys to your controller buttons. Sorry for the inconvenience Sammy! ;o


Is there a way to set the movement keys to WASD instead of arrows? I really want to play the game but it would be easier for me personally since wasd is what I'm used to


I just create an account on Itch to  make this comment !

I love how I manage to see all the spirits of a passionate indee creator on one demo. The characters are loveable , Tetra and Bella make me smile more than ounce , the little smug faces were really funny too. The music was of course great , you work with 2 of my favorite remix creator. The idea of the suit was really cool, make it a bit open world and fast. I actually like the graphics too, even if it can be too much retro for some people aha. But what really make me love with this game, it's the combat. I really like a based turn combat, but it can be a bit redundant in some rpg, you make them really special and more enjoyable with some fight that was longest than some classic RPG's, but rarest with different type of ennemies with their special patterns. And it work, I was really attached to this type of combat and never feel like it can be boring, so I hope It will not be a classic ''fight every 10 seconds and hit run away cause the animations are too long ''. And of course, the splendid Action Battle with dodge and shield block. I was hoping to see someone make a game like this, I remeber when I play Mario and Luigi Bowser inside Story, I found the gameplay just perfect. And you take some of that and make it in your own style.

It was a fun and good hour with this game ! I hope you the best, and would be more than happy to pay to play this game in the future. Keep up the good work ! 

Thank you very much!! ;D I'm very happy you enjoyed the demo and had fun! <3

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The demo was amazing! I couldn't stop playing- the graphics and music were phenomenal :)

Can't wait for the next update. Keep working hard! 

Thank you so much for playing! :D I’ll do my best!


This game reminds me a lot of Cosmic Star Heroine <3

And also on Steam if you want :P

But I really love the ideas and concept.  I'm a big fan of the lovely pixel art <3

I've got a few influencers on my Discord server who might want to give the game a go so I'll ask em if they wanna make a video on the demo :)


That would be so awesome! Thanks for the support and for playing, it means alot to me :) (Cosmic Star Heroine is a great game btw hehe)


I LOVED this game. Its really hard to find good rpg games and this game just BLEW me out of the water. I love the mechanics, the characters and the whole fell of the game. well definitely be buying this game right when it launches

Thank you soooo much! This is extremely motivating for me, I’ll do my best to make an amazing full game that you will enjoy :)))

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thank you so much for replying and taking your time to reply. also hope i can buy it (my credit card got locked) :(


So much MegaMan Starforce vibes ! Amazing demo here ! Wait my Bank Card to give you money btw

Thanks for playing! Megaman Starforce is definitely an inspiration for me ;)


Just completed the demo and enjoyed it a whole lot!  The music, character design, and story (from what I've experienced) are all so interesting and beautiful :D Can't wait for more!

Thank you so much for playing LunarLux!!! Ahhh im glad you enjoyed it! :)


Highly recommended. I look forward to the next update.

Thanks so much for playing!

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