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Is this still in development? Last I saw in the comments was a year ago, and the last one talking about still working on this dated 2 years ago. As someone who grew up with this series as their childhood I really hope to play it one day.

I have enough content for a demo, I just had to put it on hold to finish my own indie game first (Currently working on console porting). I'm planning on releasing a demo for Cosmic network at some point in the future :) MMBN is literally my fav series growing up and this fan project is like a love letter to the series xD

I'm glad to hear that. Once I get some free cash I will be glad to give your indie game a look.


Hi, I don't know who you are but today when I'm surfing on the web for Star force 4, and I saw your art for it. My all childhood was spent with megaman so if you fell lonely and unsupported, know that I am happy with all you have done and wish you continued success. Thanks for everything, you made my day :)


Hey thanks for your kind words, really really appreciate it! <3

guess this is a dead end, no download option 


nah, the demo just isn't ready yet (A lot of things have already been programmed at least). These last two years haven't been easy on everyone so things have slowed down significantly, and I've been focusing all my efforts on my own indie game pretty much. BUT I still plan on releasing a demo for Cosmic Network once I have my footing and some more time, so don't worry ;)

I’m glad that you didn’t give up on the game.

I also started making my own Battle Network fan game in RPG Maker with the isometric view, but at some point stuck on changing the collision logic. I guess we all just need to combine our efforts on making the game and divide the roles. Like one makes the script another one draws the sprites, yet another one creates the maps, and so on. And if one person cannot do something, another one will take its role.


I love Battle Network, i'm super glad someone's paying homage to this beautiful title in a manner befitting it's wonderful art style.  Good luck with the project, and god speed

Thank you!

is everything alright, is the project  still alive ?


The project is still alive ;)

phew, hope you are alright homie

Is there a Download?

Since you are making a Mega Man game your other game LunarLux is a dead project?


It's not. LunarLux is my main project and is still being developed, the full game will take some time to complete and it requires a lot of development time; while this game is something I'm developing on the side, both are being worked on simultaneously :) The scope of this game is much smaller so development is a bit easier! 

which engine you use? 

BTW Very Cool ^_^

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The game look great ! Look forward to play the demo =)

CosmicNobab have you try Godot ? It is way better than RPG Maker

This looks like a really interesting spin on the series formula! The spritework looks really nice too! Super excited to play this!


I love any Megaman game, period!  This one looks cute.


Man this looks AMAZING!!


this takes me back, GIVE ME EPIC NOSTALGIA!





This is dope! Can't wait to play this!


Very cool! :D

Thank you! :)